Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

- Jerry Dunn


The Austrian Chemistry Olympiad is a three-stage competition. A first course competition is held in each participating course. The best participants are then entitled to take part in the regional competition. This is a one-day, Austria-wide competition consisting of theory and practice to determine which students will be allowed to travel to the...

The Changemaker program is directed at students in upper secondary school and supports committed young people in implementing innovative project ideas to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. As a result, the young participants themselves provide the initiative for shaping the future in a sustainable way and become changemakers in our society....



In the 2022/23 school year, the BMBWF's creative competition is dedicated to the theme " Sustainability! - Shaping tomorrow together".

In almost 50 professions - from industrial electricians to carpenters - around 400 of the best Austrian skilled workers (apprenticeship graduates, BMHS graduates, FH graduates) will be competing against their fellow colleges for a ticket to the international career competitions WorldSkills 2024 and EuroSkills 2025.
On three competition days, an...

Eight research projects invite school classes, individuals and families to participate in scientific research from April 1st to July 31st.

The Exile-Youth Literature Award is a great opportunity for young authors who live between cultures and deal with the topic of being different as well as identity. The call for applications not only offers the chance to win prize money, but also provides support for their literary careers.

Financial education has for some time been an essential part of every student's education. Money currently dominates most aspects of our lives. The KARDEA Financial Education Award offers students the opportunity to present their approach to the topic to a broad audience through creative and innovative projects. From stories, songs, posters, plays,...

For me personally, Jane Goodall has always been a great inspiration. Her institute is committed to various research centers, animal and habitat protection initiatives, and education and empowerment programs around the world.

Young authors take note! The world is ready for new bestsellers.

Let's admit it: we've all admired the cool professional photographers on shows like GNTM or Vogue at some point. Even if not, I'm sure each of us has wished for good pictures of ourselves and our beautiful surroundings. Especially in moments where you posed perfectly and then the photographer failed. Well, that ends now.

Today is a very special day for me because I am proud to present the first project on my website. The Youth Experts is a group of 11 passionate and driven teens from Austria who are working (with the Sinnbildungsstiftung) towards making a positive change in the education system. I am proud to be able to share their message and...


Science and Technology

Collaboration from robotics and IT to biology and chemistry, together as a new generation, we can face the future together.


Support for young writers, speech makers, poets, debate stars, actors and singers.


Music and arts, graffiti and breakdancing, here young people are offered the chance to try new hobbies and unleash their creativity.


Access to the chance to be heard, so young enterpreneurs can voice their ideas and receive help and reach a wider community.


Dynamic, timely openness to new ideas, hobbies, projects and less widely spread activities that need broadcasting to find more participants that are keen to try something new.

Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there's footprints on the moon!


1. What is the goal of this platform?

Our goal is to provide youth with the opportunity to find and embrace challenges, projects and competitions that will enable them to expand their horizons. Through our platform we want to create an environment where young people can explore different areas of interest, gain valuable experiences and discover skills they may never have known existed or considered doing before. We aim to empower young people by giving them access to resources that help spark an understanding of the world around them. This way we can support the leaders of our future to  confidently follow their ambitions through engaging activities in an encouraging environment.

2. How do we plan on reaching these goals?

Our concept is to create an online platform which will allow organizations to share information about their projects and programs free of charge. Motivated youth then have the opportunity to browse through this database until they find a project that suits their skills, goals and interests. We believe that by providing youth with these types of resources, we can enable them to pursue meaningful educational and career pathways more easily.

3. What are the key benefits of this platform?

- Young talents are supported by providing attractive project and competition (or internship / workshop ) opportunities

- Organisations and Companies can engage specifically motivated / talented individuals without incurring unnecessary costs

- Young people gain the chance to collaborate, thrive and work on interesting projects, find interests that suit them and build a network of like-minded peers while simultaneously earning invaluable life skills and experience

- Free exposure and marketing for competitions / projects / ideas so that interested young adults can find a passion without having to go on an endless google search

4. Where is the platform currently available?

The Youth Power Network is a new project which is still gradually expanding. The initial location is Austria, and the platform is slowly working its way up starting out in Vienna and ultimately hoping to reach and inspire as many young people as possible.

5. Do I need certain qualifications to participate?

The purpose of the Platform is to give young people the chance to discover their interests, develop their potential and nurture their talents. For this reason, the only requirement is motivation and interest.

Unlock your future!