Open Stage Theaterworkshops


The road to Hollywood stardom

Welcome future Hollywood stars, actors and actresses.

You now have the chance to pursue your dream and be catapulted into magical worlds on stage, instead of just admiring them on Netflix.

From beginner's classes, women's empowerment workshops, one-on-one voice and singing training, and special VWA presentation workshops, there's something for everyone.

Do you have stage fright? Overcome it and reach new limits! Don't enjoy acting yet? Then you just haven't tried the super theater workshops at Open Stage yet!

The workshops during the summer vacations or as a birthday party are ideal for everyone!

Imagine being on stage with your friends and having fun. Because that's what Open Stage is all about, literally laughing kids and future Hollywood stars in the spotlight, having a chance to let off steam while gaining confidence, courage and experience.

So join us all and unleash your potential, discover your talent and make new, fun acting friends!


Starting location: Währinger Gürtel 81/ 2, 1180 Vienna ---->> End stop: Hollywood

Acting is magical. Change your look and your attitude, and you can be anyone.                                                                                             - Alicia Witt

 A big thanks to Eva Andréewitch and the Team at Open Stage for their support!