Sag's Multi - ORF's Multilingual Speech Competition


For me, Sag's Multi was my very first success, which paved the way for many new opportunities and opened my eyes to the change that everyone can bring to the world, all by themselves.

From personal experience I can testify what a great experience it is to stand on the podium, inspire an audience and change the world.

Countless unique speeches attract attention, achieve change and have the chance to be heard! Internationality and multilingualism deserve to be valued and all speakers have the chance to advocate for a topic that interests them.

It is truly remarkable how much one can learn and grow through the Sag's Multi competition. The ability to speak freely and persuasively is invaluable in many aspects of life, whether at school, at work, or in personal relationships.

Through individual guidance and tips from the judges and alumni, participants can take their fluency, rhetoric, and body language to a higher level while meeting new friends and like-minded people.

I wish everyone this unique experience!

"SAG'S MULTI!" - Mission Statement                                                                                                                 The ORF multilingual speech competition "SAG'S MULTI!" is a platform for young people to present their opinions in connection with their multilingualism and internationality to an audience. "SAG'S MULTI!" promotes mutual respect in connection with the will to recognise the diversity of people in language, cultural character and origin as an enrichment. For the initiators of the competition, this attitude is the decisive basis for cohesion in society and for shaping the future. Speeches that share this attitude are heartily welcome.
Everyone wants to change the world, but    no one wants to change oneself!                                                                                  -Leo Tolstoy

Latest news: April/May 2023 the final rounds with events from the individual regions will take place. Whoever is interested in unique speeches can follow and watch on the ORF TV Thek in the Livestream!

Soon it will start again: The 2023/24 round starts in September 2023 with the registration for the qualifying round!

Infinite thanks to Peter Wesely and the team of Sag's Multi and ORF for the great support and helpfulness!