Youth Experts Austria


Today is a very special day for me because I am proud to present the first project on my website. The Youth Experts is a group of 11 passionate and driven teens from Austria who are working (with the Sinnbildungsstiftung) towards making a positive change in the education system. I am proud to be able to share their message and their mission with the world.

The Youth Experts believe that the education system needs to change. They believe that students should have a voice in the education system and that their opinions should be heard and taken into consideration.

In the coming weeks, The Youth Experts will be conducting a survey to find out if other teens have the same problems with the education system as they do. This survey will be an opportunity for young people to share their thoughts and opinions about their schooling experiences. The results will be used to inform the group's next steps and to identify areas for improvement.

After the survey's completion, The Youth Experts will also be launching a project announcement. This announcement by Bildünger will be an open call for anyone to submit their project ideas on how to make the school system better. (Start 24. April 2023)

Up to 8 projects, each with a funding of 10,000 as well as one project with a possible support of 100,000 will be selected. 

The group is looking for innovative and creative ideas that are practical and can be implemented in schools. They are excited to hear from people from all backgrounds and experiences, and are committed to working towards implementing the best ideas. 

I am thrilled to be able to share The Youth Experts' message and mission with the world. Our passion and dedication to making a positive change in the education system is truly inspiring, and I am confident that we will make a difference. I look forward to following our journey and seeing the impact we will have on the lives of young people in Austria and beyond.

If you too want to make a change, please fill out the survey, so the Youth Experts know what is important to you!</p>

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