Youth Photography State Championship


Let's admit it: we've all admired the cool professional photographers on shows like GNTM or Vogue at some point. Even if not, I'm sure each of us has wished for good pictures of ourselves and our beautiful surroundings. Especially in moments where you posed perfectly and then the photographer failed. Well, that ends now.

Me. You. We all have the chance to become talented photographers. Even cooler even the possibility to win the state championship title in photography. After all, who hasn't wanted a shiny, gold state champion medal and the opportunity to capture and share the most beautiful moments of our lives forever.

For me, participating in the Youth Photography State Championships has opened my eyes to admiring the world through a camera and snapping the coolest black and white moments even on rainy, gloomy winter days.

The Austrian Association of Photography also offers other cool workshops and contests, where there are cool things to win and even more exciting things to photograph.

Let's give free rein to our creative streak, load up our camera and capture the moment. 

After all: "Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect!"


Time for a state championship title? I believe in you, you just have to have the courage and look boldly through your camera into the future-></p>

Fancy some exciting workshops?

You'll never know if you never try.

So let's try it now->

Or rather become a member and find a photo club near you?


The main thing is: Try new things and always believe in yourself!

Infinite thanks to Mr. Anselm F. Wunderer and the team of the ÖVF for their support! 💖