Birth of the Youth Power Network (Vienna, Austria)


It all begins with a dream. My dream was to make project collaborations, competition participations and access to training more accessible for youth. This way the future leaders of tomorrow have the chance from an early age onwards to grow through challenges, build a network of likeminded, ambitious peers as well as discover their talents and interests.

This dream, and my recently discovered appreciation for the change every person, as an individual, can bring to the world simply by being themselves and believing in their dreams, lead to me making this platform in an attempt to better the world.

Growing up, I always had an affinity for challenging myself by participating in various contests and projects and searching for new opportunities full of curiosity and motivation. It really saddened me to see so many of my peers and classmates not finding an area in which they have a change to grow, excel and enjoy themselves.

Since I am not a person who gives up easily I came up with a platform created to free youth from their lifestyle of Netflix and videogames, and open their eyes to a world full of new possibilities and chances.

The goal of the Youth Power Network is to inspire youth to embrace challenges and offer a platform where they can find  projects / competitions through  which they can unlock their potential  and make themselves heard!

 It is my firm belief that through hard work, dedication, and a genuine passion for learning, our possibilities are endless. If this sounds like something you're interested in then I welcome you with open arms to become a member, embrace new challenges, collaborate on innovative projects, and connect with your peers through entertaining competitions that interest you.

My wish is that many students take up projects and competitions as part of their educational journey, earning invaluable experiences as well as unlocking new paths through networking and discovery from mentors and organisations that I hope will support my dream.

The plan is to begin on a local level and slowly work my way up in desire of hooking as many young adults and organisations that support them as possible.

I am thankful for every support and very excited to make a change with your help!

-Larissa Arthofer

You can never leave footprints that last if you are always walking on tiptoe. Leymah Gbowee